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  • Atmos Astra Kit
    The Atmos Astra is the next generation all-in-one portable vaporizer. The Astra’s embedded ceramic heating chamber vaporizes dry herbs providing users with pure flavorful taste, while its removable stainless steel cups allow users to vaporize wax consistency products and thicker oils, making it one ..
  • Atmos BOSS
    The Atmos Boss is a high quality portable Real Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit that produce true hot air vapor! It has a high grade stainless steel heating chamber made for dry herbs. The Boss is easy to use and maintain providing great vaping experience. This Kit Includes: 1 - Atmos R2 Li-Ion ..
    $109.95 $139.95
  • Atmos Vicod Kit
    The Atmos Vicod is an advanced true vaporizer that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. It’s intelligent OLED display and advanced temperature settings, ranging from 350˚F - 430˚F, let users experience the power of a high quality vaporizer in a convenient and sleek package, while its 2200mAh b..
  • Atmos Orbit Kit
    Designed by Atmos, the Orbit is an advanced portable vaporizer that produces true vapor! This item uses a high grade ceramic chamber (patent pending) with an embedded heating element to vaporize dry herbs, providing a pure flavorful taste. Its external body is protected with a scratch resistant anod..
  • Atmos Transporter Kit
    The Atmos Transporter is an advanced portable Vaporizer that produces true vapor! This item is made with a high-grade ceramic chamber (Patent Pending) embedded heating element to vape dry herbs. Its flask shaped external body is protected with a scratch resistant anodized shell. The Transp..
  • ELeaf iStick 30w
    iStick 30W is upgraded based on iSitck through expanding the range of output voltage and wattage. Under the support of 2200mAh battery capacity, it will give you great performance between 2V-8V or 5W-30W. Newly introduced spring connector, wear-resistant stainless steel thread, and streamlined desig..
  • ELeaf iStick 50w Sub-Ohm mod box
    iStick 50W is a super upgraded version based on iStick series batteries. Powerful vapor can be generated due to the expanded range of output voltage(2V-10V)/ wattage(5W-50W) with 4400 mAh battery capacity. It retains strong spring connector and wear-resistant stainless steel thread. Moreover, the ad..
  • ELeaf mini iStick 20w
    The iSmoka Eleaf Mini iStick 20 Watt device is the upgrade to its flagship Mini iStick 10 watts device. With a design emphasis on utmost portability without sacrificing extreme battery life or functionality, the Mini iStick 20 Watt comes integrated with a 1050mAh battery that charges via a convenien..

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